Commercial Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an essential part in the completion of most construction projects and Bramwell Scaffolding recognizes the importance of implementing a solution that is safe, erected on time and on budget, user friendly and provides easy access to all required areas.

With four branches in the South Island we can guarantee fast and efficient availability of staff and equipment when you need us, where you need us, for as long as you need us.

Our proven and cost effective solutions include:

  • Various state of the art height access solutions
  • Temporary roofing solutions
  • Mobile scaffolding options
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Interior scaffolding and propping
  • Debris chutes and disposal solutions
  • Debris netting, cover and containment
  • Ropes & Pulleys
  • Easy access stair or ladder solutions
  • Temporary gates, fences and walls
  • Pedestrian passage ways, warning signage and safe guards 

We offer our customers the most advanced scaffold system available and our expertise and reputation from almost 60 years in the industry. Contact the branch nearest to you for a free quote or advice.